Did I Ever Tell You My Bathroom Reminds Me of Molly Ringwald?

As you all may remember, I really wanted to redo the main floor bath and bring it up to the level of the other rooms on the main floor.  The main bath is definitely the “homely brown-haired girl” in a class of rather popular blond cheerleaders.  I am positive that just like in every 80’s movie starring Molly Ringwald, this room will emerge a beautiful swan from its ugly duckling stage.

Molly Ringwald = Main Bathroom

However, all good transformations need the “architect” or catalyst for change.  In Pretty in Pink, the prom was the catalyst that spurred Molly’s transformation.  Well for me, the spark is that I have a week off from class.  Great!  But, The Partner and I have a trip planned for Thursday – Sunday to Southern California.  Then I am right back to school come Monday afternoon.  Now add in the dilemma that I don’t get another extended break until Thanksgiving, but we have house guests potentially coming during that time frame.  So this week is only time I have available to complete the bathroom if I want it ready for our holiday guests.

Whew.  That was a mouthful.

So with all that said, I have spent the last 3.5 days working diligently on the bathroom.  Sunday afternoon, I made the rounds to the discount marts, antique shops and home improvement stores to get my supplies and accessories.  Monday, I taped and primed the walls.  Tuesday, I painted…and painted…and painted.  While painting isn’t my favorite thing, it is a cheap way to get maximum impact, but it is time-consuming.  Things got really bad today and I found myself having an out-of-body experience from pure boredom.  Fortunately, while I was drifting off to nothingness, I found a spot on the wall that I missed and that brought me right back to reality….seriously, it totally did.

I think the real issue with the bathroom is that I spent a better part of Tuesday painting it off-white…maybe the color of the foam on your latte.  It’s a great color but it is about two shades darker than the white that was previously on the wall.  All I kept thinking as I painted yet another coat of on the wall was “You are sick.  Seriously….you are painting an already white room, a darker shade of white.  Courtney, you need help.” And thus was the conversation I had with myself for the next three hours as I painted three walls and the ceiling “Latte Foam”.  And here is the kicker- Latte Foam”  isn’t even a color.  I made it up!  It is actually 2/3 tinted white primer and 1/3 Dutch Boy “Trenchcoat” both from previous projects.  Again, it’s a great color (and I may market it some day) but the idea I am painting a room a creamy shade of white is getting to me.  Thank goodness that I got to break up the monotony and paint my accent wall in the “Trenchcoat” by Dutch Boy.  It is a khaki with a reddish/ruddy undertone…..it was my second choice for the guest room, so I am happy to be able to use it in the bathroom.

Trench Coat Khaki by Dutch Boy

It is the perfect background for the chevron stencil I painted on Wednesday.  I waffled on whether the chevron will be too “loud” and clashing with the rest of the house.  My head said yes, but my gut said go for it.  So I slept on it and decided to move ahead full steam.  Now all I need to do is a bit of accessorizing and I think I am golden.

I hope to be able to debut the new bathroom in the coming days but until then I think I am going to pop in my Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club DVDs. 


2 thoughts on “Did I Ever Tell You My Bathroom Reminds Me of Molly Ringwald?

  1. i think i need to be a house guest and yes, you have a sick relationship w/ paint. i wish i had your the impetus you have, tho, to beautify. we have a gross mint green wall to get rid of, but it is double-high. never dealt w/ scaffolding before. ugh.

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