Calling These Furniture Pieces Studly Doesn’t Do Them Justice…

I have been pondering the use of nailheads and studs on furniture lately, in particular taking the Ikea side tables in my master bedroom and adding square nailhead trim to them.  I  know…I know…these poor tables have been through all sorts of stages from being wallpapered to potentially silver-leafed.  Well, I defend my wishy-washy stance …. part of design is establishing your options right?  Discovering all the unseen routes that you can take with your designs?  Establishing your boundaries before you retract and come to your center?  I  like to think that this blog is my “laboratory” where I go over 3 different options for a project before finally deciding to do none of the above and do a fourth!

Well this time around, it’s nailhead that has caught my attention.  The geometry of the designs and the patina on the nailheads have me going a little loco for them.  Second, I think it could be a DIY project –  I think nailhead application is within my skills range.  Last a nailhead DIY project could be fun…… pounding out all my frustrations and  in return getting a beautiful piece of furniture.  But we shall what my crazy little mind goes with…until then, here is some inspiration:


I love the pop of color from the apple green and the texture/design from the nailheads

Photo:  A Punch of Color


The nailhead trim on the valance is a nice touch of masculinity

Photo: Sketch42 Blog


Love the design on what would have been a rather basic bureau

Photo: Pier One


And this is what I am imagining for my own side tables......

Photo: Nate Berkus for


Love the pattern on these stools

Photo: Dose of Design

I could have sweet dreams in a bed like this......

Photo: Domicile Interior


How AMAZING are these studded walls!!!!!!! I die.

Photo: Coco Cozy


Another great stool...however, I am not sure how comfortable to sit on...

Photo: Chiasso


Ok these studded walls have me thinking........

Photo: Beautiful Habitat

The walls studded with nailheads have me thinking that there may be an art project in there somewhere I can do with trim also.  Oh the possibilities…….now back to my regularly scheduled dreaming.


2 thoughts on “Calling These Furniture Pieces Studly Doesn’t Do Them Justice…

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