Give Some & Get Some Back With CB2


The holiday season is upon us.  I know I am busily crafting up holiday dinner tablescapes and dreaming up new ways to dress my Christmas tree.  However, in these trying economic times, there are many who are dreaming about less lofty things – how to get a decent meal, shelter and caring for their families.  That is why I was pleasantly surprised to see CB2 will be conducting a food drive starting next week through the end of November in their various stores to support local food banks and charities.

The CB2 here in Oakland/Berkeley will be supporting the Alameda County Community Food Bank.  I have volunteered there on several occasions and appreciate the struggle this group of dedicated workers go through on a daily basis to help feed the less fortunate in our community.

All it takes is SEVEN non-perishable goods and  for your good will, CB2 will be giving you 15% off your total purchase.  I know there are plenty of things in the store that  I can use for my holiday decorating and tables.  So why not give a little to get a little?


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