Loving Out Loud: Tacubaya

I am sitting at home fighting the urge to make a last-minute run for Mexican food.  I am dreaming about the fantastic dinner The Partner and I had two week at Tacubaya, the eatery from the owners of Dona Tomas.  I know that Mexican food in Northern California is a dime a dozen, but Holy Sweet Bejeezus Tacubaya is good.  It’s the kind of good that makes you want to slap your Momma and call her Shirley….it is THAT good.

At dinner, we kept it simple per my request.  I learned my lesson the hard way when I decided to treat myself a “me lunch” a few weeks ago.   I ordered three tacos, guac & chips along with a Mexican Coke.   I had to sit at my table for a good 30 minutes after finishing and seriously weighed the pro/cons of unbuttoning my pants in public.  So with that lesson in my back pocket, we decided to go with the:


Guac & Chips



Beef Tongue & Fried Fish Tacos



Pork Torta


The guac was perfectly prepared with big chunks of avocado, diced onions and juicy tomato and partnered with crispy, salty chips.  The beef tongue taco was heaven wrapped in a flour tortilla.  The tongue was soft almost creamy with a slightly sweet taste that was offset by a wonderful tomatillo salsa.  The fish taco was piled high with crunchy cabbage and topped with a spicy chili aioli.  The torta was a wonderful combination of sweet and savory with tender meat nestled between grilled bread.

If you get the opportunity to visit Tacubaya or the its big brother Dona Tomas, I encourage you to make the trek across the Bay!


1788 4th Street

Berkeley, CA 94710


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