Grey Thumb Strikes Again…..

Well my winning streak with house plants has officially home to an end.  In July I purchased two orchids from Ikea to replace a beautiful orchid that our former roomie’s parents bought us in December.  Well three months later, I found myself shopping for yet another set of replacements:


I am actually not going to take the fall for this one.  I totally blame The Partner for killing the orchids.  I went to school and within a month, he killed the plant.  I think that he opened the windows, allowing for too drastic of a temperature change for the plant and didn’t water it regularly.  Fortunately, we only spent $25 on the two plants and had resigned ourselves that we would eventually kill the poor thing, so shopping for a new plant was inevitable.

Fortunately our local Home Depot sells a variety of plants including orchids at very reasonable prices.  I was determined not to spend over my original purchase price to replace the plants.  After reviewing my options, I ended up selecting two orchids in yellow and orange.  While not colors in my living room, the plants are beautiful and provide a great pop of color in the corner of the room:

The replacement orchids.....they look healthy and happy .......for now.

I simply pulled out the old orchids from the planter I created and popped in the two new plants.  It took about 15 minutes from start to finish and I am quite pleased with the results.  I am even more pleased with the price since each plant was $7.99, so I came in under my original goal of $25.

Now here is hoping that these don’t suffer the same fate as their previous brethren.


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