Keeping it Real in the Kitchen

The kitchen is all about hierarchy, but at times, the structure that is set up to help run the kitchen efficiently creates what I call Little Kitchen Dictators (LKD).  My class now enters into our Seafood Identification and Fabrication course where we slice, dice and fillet our way through the underwater world.  I am not sure what happened, but today I saw the first inkling of LKDs in our cohort and it concerns me.  I may just be hyper-sensitive as I have been having a struggle with finding my confidence in the kitchen and may be projecting.  But I swear, I saw little things and heard snide comments that may be think twice.  I hope for all of  our sakes, that we don’t lose the magic and keep the commanderies.  I really want out our teaching kitchen to be a…..

So leave the drama for your Momma.  Leave the attitude at the door.  Ain’t no divas in this kitchen unless we are talking about Aretha singing R-E-S-P-E-C-T (add in head swivel and finger wag for extra emphasis).  However, I think my team is going to be great this go round.  I lucked out and got some awesome guys – I consider myself blessed as I think I can learn alot from each of them. 

Robert, Jeb, Alex, Gabe — you all are my boys and I wish each of us a fantastic 7 days of seafood fun.  But just know, if y’all get sassy with me …..


I may be quiet and reserve but I keep it real in the kitchen.


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