I Heard It Through the “Grape Vine”…..

At the beginning of September, I made the decision to” redecorate” the main floor bathroom.  It is the final room on the main floor that is left to be touched now that the roomie has moved out.  For the most part, aside from a new shower curtain, it has not been touched.  I had grand plans to paint and add a frame around the builder’s grade mirror.   Then school got in the way of my decorating plans and it all got put on the back burner.

Last week, I made the push and went to look at paint colors for the stencil I want to do on the wall.  I am a bit tied to the colors I can use due to the green tile in the bathroom.  While not bad, the tile color is not something I would have selected for the room.  While I would love to simply rip it out, the budget doesn’t exist, so I need to work with it.  After looking at a couple of color options, I am pretty sure that I will be going with Behr’s Grape Vine in eggshell:


Grape Vine by Behr Paints


It is a great compliment to the tile and I think will great as the accent color in the chevron pattern I want to paint on the wall.   I know that many people like to just jump in and go see what happens, but I am a huge believer that a little prep will save you from a load of pain.  So this weekend, I am off to grab a sample pot and a test board to do my standard trial run.

Fingers crossed that the color and pattern will work well together!


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