Plaid Fad….Have I Gone Mad?

After writing about my childhood friend Katie, I started thinking about the plaid skirt she wore every day to school.  I still find it odd that Catholic schools requires all young women to dress in an outfit that is synonymous with sexual fantasies.  But in any case, the little blue and green plaid skirt that Katie wore daily is permanently etched in my memory.  While I didn’t have to wear anything plaid to school, as an adult I have avoided the print for a whole other reason.  Plaid reminds me of my ill-fated grunge period – plaid shirts, thermals, skull caps, parkas and hiking boots……. with shorts…..during the winter.  Yes, I was that random Black kid running around listening to Nirvana and not fully grasping what the hell Kurt Cobain was talking about.  Again, let me stress that I was a very confused child when it came to my identity.

But some time last year I got the urge to experiment with plaid again in my closet.  And like many other fads that found their way into my closet, it now has leaked into my house.  On a side note, am I the only one that finds his closet tends to be a precursor of home design projects?  I understand that  fashion has a huge influence on design, but I still find it funny that my closet at times runs my household.  An impromptu purchase of Bottega Veneta patent leather penny loafers led to spraying an end table with red lacquer paint.  Lusting after a Balmain double-breasted blue blazer forced me to create a blue and white room design for our 2nd guest room.  And to be perfectly honestly, in some cases (the last one being case in point) it is WAY cheaper to redesign a room than buy the article of clothing!

In any case, my deep dark desire for plaid finally made itself known when I stumbled upon Scot Meacham Wood’s blog The Adventures of Tartanscott.  As the name indicates, the man loves himself from plaid.  The more I read his blog, the more I thought abut Katie’s skirt, my own plaid clothing and how much plaid is an essential “male” design motif.  Say the words “club room” and I immediately think of deep blue and green tartan plaid.  Mention designing a little boy’s room and Woolworth plaid blankets dance before my eyes.  In my opinion, plaid evokes a sense of warmth, nostalgia and masculinity.

While I am loving plaid at the moment, I am at a loss on how to incorporate it into my rather modern home aside from bedding.  Let me stew on this for a while, but for the moment, lets bask in all things plaid…….


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Photo via" Adventures of Tartanscot




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