Wallpaper on Furniture…..

Deb of  the blog Living Livelier  recently embarked on a project involving wallpapering furniture.  I have never thought of wallpapering furniture, but am now intrigued by the concept.  I have two Ikea bed side tables (actually they are bookcases, but that is semantics) that I bought six years ago as a stop-gap measure for our first apartment in California.  Somehow, I have never gotten around to replacing them:

Not exciting but it has done the job.....

Basically, the end tables are big boxes with removable shelves.   I imagine wallpapering straight lines with 90 degree angles  shouldn’t be that hard, hence why I am think they would be ideal subjects for the wallpaper experiment.  Additionally, at less than $15 a table, I don’t feel bad for experimenting with them should this all go awry.

One of the big issues with the Master Suite/Bedroom is that it is a big white box with dark furniture and flooring.  Slowly but surely, I am incorporating color, texture and pattern into the space.  The upholstered bed in a  nubby tweed fabric was the first stab at texture, albeit I played it safe with the color, a golden wheat colored with a slight mettalic gold thread.  Second, I have experimented with the bedding and have settled on navy, white and turquoise  with trellis printed sheets.  The look is almost nautical but the turquoise punches it up in my opinion.  I recently selected a fabric for the x-benches  at the foot of the bed, which coordinates with the bedding. 

So I think I have gotten a recent amount of pattern going on with the room at the moment, so I am thinking color and texture for the end tables.  In turn, I am eyeing this wallpaper for the experiment:

Photo: Urban Outfitters


The wallpaper is from Urban Outfitters and is currently on sale for $19.99.  I know.  I know.  I am contemplating purchasing wallpaper from a store better  known for trucker hats and skinny jeans.  However, the wallpaper is the perfect price point for this experiment.  In addition, the wallpaper is paintable, so I have the option of spraying it any color I choose to obtain a custom look.   I was thinking of painting the pieces a deep vanilla and doing a metallic rub on top.  The other option was to find  a vivid color in lacquor.  I think the color is going to be the hardest thing to find, since I want something that is impactful but not overpowering.   If my estimates are correct, I can do this project for about $50-55, which I think is pretty cool for two “custom” furniture pieces.

So do you think I should go for it?


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