HomeGoods Fu Dog Look-a-Likes….

Over the years, I have  been schooled that many of the things Americans find “Asian chic” or “Asian inspired” can be construed as insulting by many Asians and Asian-Americans.  The Partner has pointed out that many things labeled as above are a jumble of design elements from Japan, Korea and China.   I have become hyper aware of such things as The Partner and his family are of Taiwanese descent. 

Historically, chinoiserie has played fast and loose with its definition of “Asian inspired” and has freely borrowed from a range of Asian cultures.   While I have never been a huge fan chinoiserie, I do enjoy it in small doses.  Done correctly, chinoiserie can add an  bolt of color, vibrancy and history into modern spaces.  Done incorrectly, it can border on insulting, coming off as mocking towards the Asian cultures it is suppose to admire.  That is why I was surprised that I was quite smitten with the Fu Dog Bookends that CB2 is currently selling: 

CB2 Fu Dog Bookends


They are a classic example of chinioserie and definitely add a pop of color and style to any room.  I have been eyeing them for either the Music Room or the Master Bedroom, but in either case, they were going to need to be spray painted a different color.  So paying $50 for an accessory that I was going to need to redo, was a bit of a deal breaker for me. 

However, as with many things, good things come to those who wait.  On Saturday, I made a special trip down to Moraga, CA to visit the HomeGoods store.  If you have not been to HomeGoods, why are you waiting?  And if you don’t have one in your area, move.  I told The Partner that should we ever move, we need to confirm that there is an In-n-Out and a HomeGoods store within driving distance of the respective house, otherwise I am not going.  Honestly, it’s one of my favorite stores.  Imagine, an entire store dedicated to home goods and decorating.  Now imagine that store the size of a large TJ Maxx.  Now imagine everything being sold at TJ Maxx prices ….and that my friends is why I love this store.  Matter of fact, HomeGoods is a division of TJ Maxx, so it’s very likely that you may be find some of the same items in your TJ Maxx home goods department, but it doesn’t compare.  I honestly get a bit giddy going to the store.  I have friends who geek out going to guitar shops, used record stores, vintage clothing stores or wine importers.  I geek out over home decorating and kitchen supply stores.  I can blow a good chunk of change in HomeGoods and not blink , so I typically drag a friend along to talk me down from buying three duvet covers and or a pair of lamps because they are $19.99 each.  Sad but true story….. I am redecorating our master suite based on the fact that I found cheap sheets at HomeGoods.  It’s a sickness….I know. 

Any case, I visited HomeGoods and ran across a set of Fu Dog Bookends that struck me as mighty similar in color and shape to the CB2 set.  I immediately walked over and picked them up to inspect.  They were a tad lighter in weight than I hoped, but when I checked the price, the deal was done.  Each bookend was $3.99!!  Honestly, $8 for the set.  Yup, those puppies were tossed into my basket and I went about the rest of the shopping excursion in a happy daze.  



Fu Dog Bookends from HomeGoods


Along with the bookends, I bought some crystal candlesticks, scented drawer liners and a silver gravy boat.  I feel like I made out like a bandit!  Even better is that when I showed The Partner the bookends, he actually liked them.  Whew!  So now I just need to confirm which room they will go in, so I can decide on a paint color. 

 Isn’t it amazing how stumbling upon a decorating score can elevate your whole day?


3 thoughts on “HomeGoods Fu Dog Look-a-Likes….

  1. Hi I am desperately looking for Foo Dog bookends for a corporate event I am hosting in June in Hong Kong. Can’t find nice/modern ones anywhere…I need 12 pairs.

    Help please.


    • Laura – have you tried contacting the the hotel where you will be having your corporate event or staying? Since the event is in Hong Kong, I am sure they have way better selection than anything in the States. Second, do you want them all to match? If so, I would suggest you find a pair you like and contact the manufacturer directly as ordering 12 may get you some bulk discount. Last, have you looked at eBay? I did a quick search for “foo dogs” under $20 and came up with 530 choices — again, many of the sellers are wholesellers who may be able to help you.

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