Hoot! There It Is…..

Sorry for the reference to a bad 90’s rap song, but it seemed appropriate. In any case, somehow this little gem escaped my posting frenzy this weekend. On Saturday, I ran a few quick errands and decided to stop by West Elm in Emeryville, CA for some window shopping. Browsing through the store, I ran cross these cute fellas perched on a shelf :

Hooty Hoo! Birds of a feather evidently do flock together....

Adorable right? But at $20 for the larger of the two figurines above, I think my little $7 DIY project from last weekend is a pretty good alternative at a fraction of the cost:

Believe me, I wasn't this cute when Courtney found me.....

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Hoot! There It Is…..

  1. Courtney, seriously when I saw the title of your post I laughed out loud! and personally I think your diy white owl is much cuter than West Elm’s!

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