And Let the Cutting Begin…..

Today is my first day of Meat Fabrication, which is a really fancy way of saying butchering.  As it should be no surprise, I am quite nervous especially since this will mark my first official day in the Teaching Kitchen (aka the “TK”).   So for the next 7 days, I will be slicing, cutting and sawing my way through various pieces of beef and fowl. 

Got Beef?

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I don’t know what to do with my free time at moment, since class does not begin until 2:00pm.  Fortunately, this will change when our Interpersonal Communications class starts on the 14th — yup, the CIA wants to be sure that not only are we good chefs, but we are good communicators as well.  So I am curious what that class will be like since the art of communication is not necessarily something I have found be central in most kitchens.  Screaming and cursing, yes.  The art of constructive feedback, not so much.

And a final note, after many requests, I will post my first “official” picture of me in my full uniform, including the dreaded “stove-pipe” hat that makes me look like a failed Benihana chef.  I will post it some time this week, so let the snickering and laughing commence!

Here is to me keeping ownership and complete use of all my fingers……


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