Out of Sight But Not Out of Mind

If you have been reading my Twitter posts, you will see that I am struggling a bit with adjusting to the pace of school.  In particular, my culinary math course has me doubting some of the aspects of the kitchen and potential culinary paths at the moment.  This past week, I have been completely buried under assignments, homework and readings.


I have my first set of finals tomorrow and am very nervous on what to expect.  The Gastronomy quizzes have seemed overly easy in a way, so I am nervous that the instructor is going to zing us with a super hard final to make up for “lost time”.  As for the math final, I am so burned out from the daily quizzes, assignments and bi-weekly tests, that I just don’t freaking care any more.  At this point, it’s in a higher power’s hands as I have done everything I can do to prepare.  I have worked as hard as I could within reason and been earnest in my search for help.  So we will see what happens. 

Say a little prayer for me at 10:30am PST….it’s when I will be starting my math final.

This weekend, I am staying in St. Helena through Friday night and heading home on Saturday. A little change of pace…and I think it will be nice to celebrate the end of hte first block with my classmates tomorrow.  Maybe dinner out and a drink (or 12).  However, I promise some blog posting fun this weekend!  Stay tuned!


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