The Bathroom Feels Lonely…..

I went home over the weekend and spent a good portion of the time in the newly redesigned music room.  It was the perfect place to do my online homework, read my assignments and catch-up with my growing stacks of food and design magazines.  In other words, it suited all the basic needs I intended it to serve, which to me is a sign of a well-designed space. 

However, while the living room and guest room both received updates, the main floor bathroom is looking a bit lonely and plain Jane next to its  dapper siblings.  To be frank, it just sorta looks bleh…not sure if that is an official design term, but it just feels sad and dark.  Since it’s the only full bathroom readily available to house guests, I feel it needs to be a bit more striking and uplifting.  So for the rest of the weekend when I wasn’t trying to figure out conversions rate between pounds to ounces to liters (yes I really do need to figure that stuff out as a chef), I was plotting what I wanted to do with the bathroom. 

Knowing that money will be an issue as well as time, I have set a budget of $100 total to redo the bathroom.  I think that should be more than ample to cover what I envision from a design perspective.  As usual, I will be busting out my trusty painting supplies along with a new stencil I have been itching to try out.  If you are curious about what stencil I will be using this time, here is a hint….it’s something I have been “gaga” about previously on this blog.  If you need more if a hint, check out this posting

I will also be trying out my hand at some basic carpentry — something I have never done before.  My last carpentry project was when I was in 5th grade and I made a wooden tool box in Boy Scouts.  Actually, I didn’t make it; the scout master ended up doing my project because I couldn’t nail straight.  (If you must, insert naughty joke here).  So it should be interesting to see how this project comes about now 20+ years later.

Here is what I am starting with:

The shower curtain is new and inspired what I want to do with the room

This wall is begging for some stenciled

Vanity area and you the dreaded builder's grade mirror that will get an update

The green tile I hate....I don't have the $$$ to replace so the design works with the size and green color.

 So there you have my new project for the next month.  My goal is to create something that exudes my personality and love for boldness, without clashing with the rest of the house.  Worst case scenario …… it’s only paint and some acessories.  You can always start over.   And that is what I love about DIY design!

Check back for updates……

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