Good Bye Mohawk, I Hardly Knew Thee….

So after some deep thought and a very awkward conversation, I have decided to cut my “mohawk” this weekend.  I am saddened that it is going bye-bye, but I have so many other things to worry about that I need to compromise.  Understand that compromising is not something I do often or take lightly.  It was a painful process that involved a sleepless night of tossing and turning along with a face-to-face conversation with the dreaded Chef Instructor.

See, here is the thing about me.  I don’t like confrontation, but I will not shy away from it.  I saw the Chef Instructor in his office area on a lark and asked if I could have a moment of his time.  He obliged my request and I proceeded to explain to him how I felt about his actions over the last few days and how we can come to a resolution on this matter.  At least that is how it sounded in my head, but in reality it was a series of jumbled sentences that culminated in the Chef Instructor seeing a portion of my view and complimenting my teeth.  Honestly, we went from hair styles of oral hygiene — how I don’t know but we did.  So long story short, the mohawk leaving.  I have mixed emotions over the decision, but feel better for being true to how I normally handle things and sticking to who I really am….evidently a guy with a weird haircut and nice teeth.


One thought on “Good Bye Mohawk, I Hardly Knew Thee….

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