Music Room Reveal

Since our roommate’s departure at the end of July, I have been working diligently trying to put my stamp on the rooms that use to be J’s sanctuary.  You all recently saw the transformation of the J’s bedroom into our guest room.  The next step was to make what was formerly J’s office/lounge into a music room.  Prior to the redesign, the room definitely had a mod 60’s-70’s feel to it due to J’s awesome velvet futon and hits of bright pop art on the white walls.  While cool as it may be, it wasn’t my particular taste, so when he moved out, he took 95% of his stuff and I started with a blank slate.  Here is what the room looked like when I started earlier this month.  It was a big white box with an electric piano and a leaning book tower (kindly donated by the departing roomie).

I had a few bumps in the road such as:

1) Waiting for months for the chair (aka the Grande Dame) to be upholstered

2) Major issues with blue painter’s tape while painting the wall design

3) Having to find a new seamstress when my friend Nancy had some unexpected surprises

However, I was not deterred….annoyed and irritated definitely, but not deterred.  So I am happy to present the redesigned music room.  It is the first room I have ever thought though completely by myself from top to bottom; buying furniture, picking fabrics and paint colors and selecting artwork.  It is the room that I envisioned and I am very proud of myself.  This room has given me the confidence to tackle other projects in the house and to give advice to friends and family.  So without further ado, here is the room……

View from doorway. Ottomon cubes from West Elm. Rug from Ikea.

The house is pretty close to where I want it to be at the moment minus some other projects I want to tackle, mainly redesigning the guest bathroom….I think a chevron paint treatment is on the menu for that room.  However, for now, I need to focus on school which starts on Sunday!  Scared and excited!

13 thoughts on “Music Room Reveal

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  2. Really good taste !!LOOOOVE IT!Especially the simple idea of respraying the black ikea frame ..!I have got the same one and been trying to sell it for last few months ..well i LIKE IT! AGAIN-) so im glad no one bought it lol .. i have .recently bought my first flat and as the budget is always tight but the taste is kinda high u gave me a brilliant idea!!seriously keep it up..and keep us informed ..-)

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