I Need Your Help to Win…..

I am going to keep this short and sweet.  I have gotten alot of positive feedback regarding my living room redesign.  This along with some of the other home projects that I have done recently have led me to believe I might have a chance at winning the contest currently being run by CB2 “The Selby in Your Place Contest” which awards the winner a $10,000 shopping spree and a photo shoot with acclaimed photographer Todd Selby.

Winning a contest like this would help my budding cooking and design career on multiple levels, but I can’t do it without your support.  Everyone that has been so kind to send emails, place links on the blogs and Facebook or Twitter on my behalf, I am asking that you all pull out all the stops now.  Only the Top 50 get passed to the finals and its all based on popularity….so the more votes I get the better my chances of going to the finals and eventually winning.

My entry is called “Moorish Delight” based on the Moorish stencil I used on the wall.  You can place your vote for me at:  http://www.theselbycontest.com/entry/76643?=taf9.  Unfortunately, there is only one vote per person, but please pass this link along to friends, family, co-workers, animals with opposable thumbs and internet access and whomever else you think will win.

And here is the kicker, if I do some how win this, I am going to split the winnings with the followers of this blog.  So if I do win, there will be a chance for all also to win!  It is my promise to you.

So please (with hearts and smiley faces and unicorns) get the word out and vote!  The contest closes September 15, so there is a little less than a month to propel me to the top!

Learn more about the contest and rules.


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