One of My Favorite Things….

….that we have in the house is a gift from my dear friend Ron K.  About four years ago, we were talking through Limn in downtown San Francisco shopping …well he was shopping while I was drooling over high-end furniture.  You see Ron  is a design lover.  He loves sleek lines, beautiful craftmanship and typically will spend the big bucks to get those things.  His home sits in the hills above Glen Park and is a testament to modern design and furnishing.  He is currently redesigning his living room and outdoor areas, which were great to begin with, but will be beautiful and awe inducing shortly.

But I digress…..we were in Limn walking around and I spotted a rather large and shiny object on a shelf. It looked like  life-like replica of a pig.  Instantly I was drawn to it for obvious reasons (1) it was silver (2) it was shiny (3) it was a shiny silver pig.  After talking with the sales person on duty, I was informed that the piece that I had fallen in love with was by Harry Allen, an award-winning interior and industrial designer.  The sales person went into the usual song and dance about the piece and the designer that when loosely translated sounded like this…. “tweet…beep….click click…pig….silver…buy me.”  And how could I deny such a cute face….


I turned to Ron K. with pleading eyes and jokingly said “You can always buy me that for my birthday” which was still several months away.  He did one better and bought me the statue on the spot for an early Christmas present.  Wow.  Clearly the milk of generosity and the 5 mimosas from brunch were flowing through his veins.  In any case, I was ecstatic to receive Piggy and take him home.

Getting home I did some more research on Piggy and his designer.  Piggy is part of the ‘reality’ series Harry Allen had recently released.  The series consists of objects whose forms are ‘sampled’ from existing sources. Allen, whose work is part of the permanent collection of the museum of modern art in new york, has long believed that original form should no longer be the driving force in design. His process emphasizes the inherent beauty of things – beauty from concept, beauty from materials, beauty from structure. Bank in the form of a pig is the ‘reality’ take on the classic piggy bank. It is produced by casting polyester resins in highly detailed silicone molds from a real pig. The pig, supposedly, lost its life from natural causes (so dont send PETA after me) and Allen donates $10 from each sale to the Humane Society to prevent cruelty to animals.


So to cut a long story short, I have a silver cast of a dead pig in my house and I love it.  It is one of my favorite things and has a place of prominence in my house sitting on the top of shelf in my kitchen, cause where else would you place a silver pig?


Thanks Ron K.  I am forever in your debt for giving me Piggy.    He will be one of the things that follows me to culinary school, cause I believe it’s totally appropriate for a young chef to have a silver pig in his dorm room.


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