Double Take: Pottery Barn Henley Rug

The search for a rug is very much like an epic quest in my opinion.  You slog from store to store in hopes of finding “the one” battling crazed sales persons and fellow shoppers.  You negotiate with shady characters in order to find the hidden gems.  Honestly if EA really wanted to make a killer video game, they would create “Rug Quest” and I am positive everyone 35 and over would be lining up for it.

A few weeks ago, I was on a massive hunt for a rug for the guest room.  After countless visits to multiple showrooms and stores, fruitless nights of online searching and one very terrifying trip to look at a Craigslist posting, I was done with the experience.  I had pretty much made up my mind that I was going to buy the Pottery Barn Henley Rug in taupe.

Pottery Barn Henley Rug in Taupe

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I had borrowed a sample from the store.  It was soft, made of 100% wool and looked great with the bedding.  However, I had wished they had something more golden in color as the taupe while great just was falling a tad flat.  But at this point, I was tired and it seemed like the best option.  But then there was the cost.  It just cost $300 which was a bitter pill to swallow.  I know that you get what you pay for and my parents stressed that you should not skimp on rugs.  They are something you use every day and are an investment.  However, there was this little voice that kept telling me “it’s the guest room….you DON’T use it every day, so this is where you should skimp a little.”  And  honestly, that little voice is pretty persuasive.  So I returned the sample and kept looking.

Two days later, I was looking through‘s rugs and found this Hand Tufted Beige Border Wool Rug

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It was perfect on the screen.  It had a beautiful golden color and to me was a dead ringer for the Henley Rug but only $155.  It seemed like a match made in heaven.  Yet  I still didn’t buy it.  It wasn’t because it wasn’t cheap enough, but the voice in my head came back and said “You get what you pay for.  You can’t feel this rug.  Is is going to feel like $155?”  Honestly, while I hate my inner voice on many occasions, it has proven to correct on many occasions.  Rather than hitting the “buy button”, I read the reviews and many of them complained of shedding and the rug being smaller than the 5×8 size that was advertised.  They also stated that the rug was more mushroom than golden, which would have broken my heart.  Still not 100% deterred, I contacted about their rug return policy and found it was more complicated (and expensive) than going through Egyptian customs.

In the end, I got neither rug.  I went with a rug that my former roomie was going to toss.  Even my inner voice couldn’t find anything wrong with the idea of a free rug.

Note:  For those of you searching for a deal, I recommend you visit the blog Copy Cat Chic (  Reichel has created a blog that is a treasure trove for the bargain hunter.  My little posting has nothing on her years of posting on everything from couches to rugs to everything between.


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