Powder Room Wall Graphic

When I first decided to paint the living room, I bought a wall graphic from Chiasso.com:

Cute Huh?

Photo Credit: www.Chiasso.com


Well a long story short, I ended up not using it in the living room and went with a wall stencil instead.  That decision left me with a rather expensive piece of very large art sitting in my garage.  I had no idea what to do with it for several weeks and then it dawned on as I was washing my hands in my rather bland powder room, that the wall graphic may work perfectly in there. 

And guess what?  It totally does!

I now have a home.....

Reflection in our Ikea mirror....


 Unfortunately, the powder room is TINY, so getting a full on shot of the room is short of impossible.  And I was a bad blogger and forgot to get a before picture when I started this project.  Sorry.  But you all may notice that my favorite color Glidden Seal Grey made an appearance here again also.  I painted two walls of the powder room thinking that painting all four would make the room feel like a coffin. 

Otherwise, the room came together really quickly with the majority of the items coming from Ikea:

1) Yellow Hand Towel

2) Mirror

3) Bud Vase

Overall, transforming the powder room took about $40 if you consider I already owned the wall graphic and paint.  I made the art above the toilet recycling some old canvas from our first California apartment, spray paint and spackle.  Posts of that DIY to come shortly.


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