Loving Out Loud: Japanese Happy Tape

Is it odd that I would sit at my computer screen and contemplate dropping $50 on tape?

Honestly, if this doesn't make you happy, then I don't know what will

Photo Credit: www.happytape.bigcartel.com


Honestly, Happy Tape, the washi paper tape from Japan is so darn cute that you would consider it too!  With over 20 different colors and patterns, the tape is perfect for those DIY folks who love to make scrapbooks, cards/invitations or collages.  I personally am going to use my tape when it comes (yes I ordered a roll) to make book covers.

I am excited that we finally have options outside of scotch tape for art projects.

Check out their entire selection at http://www.happytape.bigcartel.com/

Note:  Opinions in this blog posting are solely that of the author.  I have not been paid for my endorsement of the product nor have received any non-monetary compensation.  However, I am not above paid endorsements and consider myself a better product pitch person than any of the Kardashian sisters.


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