Green Trumps Blue: Hatred of Blue Painter’s Tape

I finally found a place in my neighborhood that sells Frog Tape (aka the “green painter’s tape).  I picked up a roll and took it home.  I used it when I repainted the guest room and had really nice results.  My touch ups were minimal at best and it was a breeze to tape off. 

Fast forward a few days and I am in the midst of taping off the wall design for the music room.  After changing the design several times, I ran through my roll of Frog Tape.  So off I went to Orchard Hardware to pick up some more tape but they were out.  None.  Zippo.  Cleaned out.  With the clock ticking, I grabbed the blue painter’s tape and went to the checkout. 

I have used blue painter’s tape for many years.  While it doesn’t necessarily touch up’s easier, I figured, since I was using the paint over the tape method* blue tape would be fine.  So I took it home and finished taping off the design — half with green tape and half with blue tape. 

I painted over the tape, let it dry and them painted my wall color.  I let the paint dry to tacky and started to remove the tape to ensure I didn’t pull the paint from the design.  I was pleasantly surprised that the design turned out so well.  I was feeling pretty good about the situation and myself until I got to where the blue tape had replaced the green. 

And then terror seized my heart.  A little bubble appeared in my white stripe as I pulled the blue tape back.  I figured it was a hiccup and I could just touch that up.  As I continued to pull, a few specks of paint came up.  No biggie; I assumed touch ups would need to happen.  And then all hell broke loose.  The blue tape started to not only pull up the underlying paint, but the dry wall as well.  It was pulling up a perfect groove where the drywall and paint once was.  I was heart-broken and freaked out. 

WTF?!?!?  Why is this happening?  My perfectly painted (and smooth) walls were now swiss cheese.  I was mortified.  I immediately stopped and called a friend who paints houses for a living.  He said, the blue tape’s adhesive at times as a negative reaction with becoming too wet.  If left on for too long, it dries and forms a “megabond”.  So when I painted over the blue tape, it basically got too wet and since I had to let the first coat of paint dry before I could apply my true paint color, the super bonding occurred. 

This was mild compared to the other walls.....

So I spent FOUR hours with quick drying spackle, a ruler, Exacto knife and putty knife, repairing the damage to the walls to the best of my ability.  I then spent another 2 hours repainting the room and lines to get it back to some semblance of normal.   In all the walls are ok except for one wall which still has a groove in it that I can’t fix.  I am just going to chalk this up to a learning curve regarding blue tape but it doesn’t change I lost 6 hours of my life plus consumed a Big Mac Meal to ease my pain.  I lost time and gained calories because of blue painter’s tape and for that I have placed it on my “Hate List” which is fairly small in totality: 

1 ) Racism (why hate based on skin color?  There are so many other things to hate people about..why waste time with skin color?) 

2 ) Raisins (a waste of good grapes) 

3 ) Elastic Waist Pants (just wrong) 

4 ) Lazy Homeless (will save that rant for another day) 

5 ) The words “moist” and “panties” (cause they just sound awful to say) 

6 ) Blue Painter’s Tape (see above rant) 

7 ) Okra (it’s slimy and horrible….rather have relations with a cactus than eat this veggie) 

8 ) Ann Coulter (do I even have to explain?) 

9 ) Boxer Briefs (they totally ride up) 

10) Gwyneth Paltrow (her mere presence annoys me)  

So blue painter’s tape ranks up there at #6 — it really has earned it’s spot in my opinion.  I am officially a Frog Tape convert for eternity. 

 *Sidenote:  To get a crisp line, you paint over the tape the paint color that the stripe under will be.  You let it dry and then proceed to paint the wall as you normally would.  The idea that the first coat of paint will “lock” down the tape and whatever seepage occurs won’t be seen as it will be the same color as the stripe.

2 thoughts on “Green Trumps Blue: Hatred of Blue Painter’s Tape

  1. Thankyou,thankyou,thankyou! Great advise which saved me from the same mistake and you wrote it in a very humorous way. I am bookmarking your site, you should have a TV show! ;-D

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