Music Room Redo: Before Pics

So with The Partner away for the week, I decided to tackle my second room makeover; what I like to call the music room.

Well it’s not really a music room per say. There are no grand murals, marble floors or antique instruments. But there is an upright Clavinova electric piano and a ton of sheet music, so in my head, it’s a music room.

I am a glutton for punishment I think trying to paint and redo two rooms in one week. However Poppa has a deadline to get the house in order before I head to culinary school in less than 2.5 weeks. The clock is ticking so I need to get painting!

My weekend will be painting and touching up and touching up and touching up thanks to my idea that I want faux panel molding in the room aka like a real music room. Two complimentary blue paints popped with crisp white trim. Fingers crossed it works out.

I spent last night taping off the design and then changing my mind and RETAPING the entire room since the design looked off. Argh. In any case, here are the before shots. Say a little prayer for me as I tackle this paint job.

2 thoughts on “Music Room Redo: Before Pics

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