A Quilt That Bloggers Built (or Sewed)

With the recent surge in traffic to the blog from Centsational Girl’s posting about my stencil paint project, I have been lucky enough to encounter a variety of amazing and wonderful fellow bloggers around the US.  While I have always heard numbers bouncing around about the number of online users every day, I never really realize how many people are out in “cyber space” until this week.  To say that the numbers are immense are an understatement — it’s mind expanding that my blog was read by people from Maine to Washington.  One of the bloggers I had the opportunity to be introduced to is Michael, the mind behind the absolutely wonderful blog Inspired by Charm

At 26, he has graduated college and opened up his own business, a B&B in central Pennsylvania.  The idea of running a B&B is a bit of a dream of mine.  Having a place to exercise my DIY muscle, put my cooking skills to use and play host is the equivalent of winning a gold medal at the Olympics.  I am sure I am romanticizing it a bit, but Michael is living a piece of my dream and for that I am jealous (but only in a good way).

In reading Michael’s blog, I ran across a particular posting that touched my heart and wanted to share with you.  Michael is planning on sewing a summer quilt from pieces of fabric donated by his readers and fellow bloggers.  What an amazing idea!  My great-grandmother was a seamstress in NYC before she retired.  One of the things she made me that I wish I still had is a quilt from the scraps of fabric she saved at work.  I lugged that thing with me every where and finally lost it on of the many flights from Ohio to New York I took to visit her and that side of the family. 

I am going to be sending Michael this swatch for him to include in the quilt:

I am excited for my big adventure!

The swatch is something I picked up this year as I was looking to recover some cushions for our music room.   The fabric reminded me of lazy summer days filled with music, dragonflies and lemonade.  Unfortunately, the color wasn’t right for the room, but I think it would be perfect for Michael’s summer quilt.  I hope it finds a good home.

Michael’s project is a beautiful testament to human connection and the power of the internet.  I love the idea that the final quilt will be created with pieces of fabric from all over the US and potentially world because we all wanted to be a small part of Michael’s project.  It’s an idea that I hope to replicate in my own way– probably not a quilt since I can’t sew (ergo my process of hiring a seamstress).

Please go visit Michael’s blog and see how you can be part of his A Quilt (inspired by charm) project.


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