Reinvention Is Sometimes Necessary

So I cut my hair today.  The act in of itself is not that news worthy.  But I got a mohawk.  A straight up Mr. T “What You Talkin’ About Fool” mohawk.

I pity the FOOL who messes with me.....


And I like it.  Alot.

My friends will tell you that I have never been one to run away from boldness.  But the mohawk is less about getting attention than a mental shift in my life.  In less than a month, I will be moving to St. Helena, CA to enroll in my first year of culinary studies at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA).  The start of culinary school was one of the main reasons, why I started writing this blog almost exactly a month ago (see first post).  Embarking on this journey is a culmination of dreams, hopes and aspirations as well as sacrifice on both my part as well as my wonderful partner.

For me, the mohawk is a way to reinvent who I am before I leave for school.  Mohawks are not for timid people.  They are meant to intimidate.  They are for people who are confident and strong.  All character traits I know I have in so many other aspects in my life  but right now on the cusp of starting school, I find myself sorely lacking.  The mohawk is my way of faking the confidence and the strength I know I will need in the coming months.

My one actor friend says he reinvents himself every time he auditions for a big role.  He goes out and buys an outfit that he thinks the character would wear and practices in it to “inhabit the character.”  I hope the mohawk does the same for me — I hope it enables me to be tap into my “inner chef” and unleash a kick-ass culinary genius who is smart, witty and confident all the while cool to boot. 

Maybe similar to the singer Beyoncé who created her on-stage persona of “Sasha Fierce” to channel her insecurities, I will do the same.  Maybe on my first day of school as I unpack in my dorm room, I will be ……….

Introducing Christian Fabulous.......


Hmmmm…..maybe I should become “Christian Fabulous” on my first day.  But then, maybe I should just be me…plain ol’ Courtney With a Mohawk.  

We will see.


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