Ottoman for Bedroom

Our master bedroom is a work in progress.  Our house is a three-story modern structure with the master bedroom occupying the third “loft” level.  It’s mid-sized by Bay Area standards (or small if you live in Texas) but the layout is good and the space is ok for me and my partner.  However, I am having an awful time decorating it since the ceiling is all angles, there are windows along the longest wall and the only wall where we could feasibly place the bed is occupied by yet another window. 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the room, I decided to deviate from my usual tactic of tackling a room all at once to redecorate it.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am not a patient person.  While I know the best designs are those built over time, I can’t seem to wait that long.  However, in this room, I am going to try something new.  So rather than do it all at once, I took on a small project – recovering a ottomon.  So I set out to find the  perfect ottoman/bench to go under a new picture we had just bought.  “Ottomans and benches are easy to find” I thought.  I lied to myself. 

After going to four Salvation Armies and countless salvage shops, I was ready to just bite the bullet, head to Target and get a bench for $100.   To treat myself after what I thought was a rather bad day, I went to McDonald’s for a small fry and Coke (yes, even chefs love a good french fry).  As I was drowning my sorrow in fat and carbonation, I looked at the window and saw that there was another Salvation Army across the street.  I figured what the heck, finished my snack and walked in.  As with the other Salvation Armies I had ventured to that day, ZIP.  As I was exiting, I saw what I thought was an ottoman tucked under a pile of t-shirts under a rack.  I walked over and pulled it out.  It was a piece of bamboo inspired lawn furniture.  Not exactly what I wanted but it had potential.  I went to the counter and asked if it was for sale since it did not have a price tag.  The cashier said yes and told me it was $10 (I think she made the price up).  Woot!  So I bought it and took it home to begin its transformation:

I have potential!

As the ottoman sat in my garage that evening, I was perplexed on what to do with it now since it wasn’t what I envisioned.  My partner (who is a wise sage in his own way) simply said, “Paint it brown.  If you hate it, then we can reuse it outside since IT IS LAWN FURNITURE.”  Such a smart man.  So that is exactly what I did.  The seat was held to the base by four screws which were easy to remove.   One can of Rustoleum Satin Brown later, it was looking pretty good.  The brown paint made it match the rest of our bedroom furniture and provided a good base for a certain fabric I had in mind to cover it.

I have been dipped in chocolate goodness

With the base painted, I was now on the hunt for fabric to cover the base.  Fortunately, I stalk fabric stores like a shoe addict stalks a Barneys Clearance Sale.  I knew there was this striped velvet fabric at Discount Fabrics that would go well with the decor of the room and give me multiple color options for when (cause I will) switch the room up.  Off to Discount Fabrics I went and picked up a yard of said fabric for $14.99.

Cushion and Fabric....won't they make a cute couple?

All had been smooth sailing so far.  I had watched countless DIY shows where the host recovered a seat of a chair.  A staple gun and 5 minutes later they were done.  HA!  I soon found out that it was not that easy.  For starters, a box cushion is a bit more tricky than a flat cushion do to the square corners.  Second, having a fabric with lines makes for NO cheat room in the recovering process.  After a sweaty hour on my bedroom floor covering the cushion with my partner asking “Are you done yet?”, I was close to tears and ready to give up.  Thanks to a glass of red wine and a brief stint watching Glee I was re-energized and back on track.  I realized that had too much excess fabric in the corners and that was my issue.  So I unstapled everything and started over with much less fabric.  After only two curse words and a bathroom break, I got this:

The corners are still slightly off and the stripes are a wee bit wonky but overall, I look HOT!

Pretty good right?  Only two hours of effort for a 5 minute job.  I am sure my other jobs will go a lot easier in th future with the mistakes I learned from on this project.  A quick spray with Stain Guard and I was ready to re-attach the cushion to the base.  A roll of the lint brush, a throw blanket to hind the wonky corner and a velvet pillow I already owned and I think it looks pretty good.

I am a STAR!

I was so excited and happy that the project was done that I went to get the good camera so I could take a picture of room.  While I was downstairs, reality happened:

And this is what I look like normally...

FIVE MINUTES!  No joke.  Oh well…at least I know it can stand up to daily life.  So with this project done, I need to tackle on more project for the master bedroom.  I need to find seating (and maybe a carpet) for the foot of the bed.  Stay tuned…..


6 thoughts on “Ottoman for Bedroom

  1. Love the result! Hurrah also for wise partners whose words keep us grounded 🙂
    Thanks for the tip on striped fabrics – I wouldn’t have thought how unforgiving they might be.

    • Struggler – yeah striped fabrics are not fun. If you pull too tauntly on one side, it can cause the lines to go wavy or askew. My recommendation is that if you are going to work with a stripe, use one as your “guideline” at the edges so you can ensure a straight fit. And yes, husbands, wives and partners prove to be voices of reason during DYI upholstery projects 🙂

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  3. Just found you and so glad I did!!! I’ve been jumping all around your site. Went to Ikea yesterday to get said bathroom mirror (which is on sale for $15) for daughter’s bedroom and ordered large dandelion from Blik directly (did not want to wait four months). I swear we think alike although you thought it first. Identical twins!! Although you are a man and I am not. And well, I am a blonde and you are not. And you are fit, and I am not. Identical thoughts!!! Well, that must be it. Thank you, thank you — for making me smile, for lightening up my otherwise lackluster day with a ray of sunshine. (God knows where you get it, since I just got back from SF and never saw any.) And many, many more to come. Your ears will be ringing, gotta tell me friends who blog about you!!

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