A New Flea Market for the Bay Area


Candlestick Park

Photo Credit: http://www.BallPark.com 

Opened in 1960 to house the San Francisco Giants, Candlestick Park is a landmark destination for those who visit and live in the Bay Area.  While the Giants have since long moved, the stadium, well the parking lot at least, is now the home of the new Candlestick Park Antiques and Collectables Faire.   For those of you familiar with the Bay Area, we sorely lacked an abundance of flea markets.  Unlike Southern California which has 2-3 flea markets, the SF/Oakland area only had one, The Alameda Flea Market. 

While I have only been once, I instantly fell in love with the experience.  It was a cold and overcast day with a nip in the air.  My friend volunteered to be my guide to the market that morning and introduced me to a variety of vendors ranging from textile experts to salvage gurus.  It was an amazing experience and once I sadly have not repeated.  However, with the addition of the Candlestick Flea Market, I now have DOUBLE the chances of finding beautiful treasures at amazing prices. 

I have DIY projects dancing in my head as I type this.  Chairs and ottomons.  Mirros and crystal.  Fabric and wall art.  I am giddy.  Giddy I tell you!!!  Giddy.   Who’s up for a field trip? 

Candlestick Park Antiques and Collectables Faire 

Candlestick Park 

San Francisco, CA 

3rd Sunday of every month (depending on 49ers schedule) 



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