Single Dorm Room aka “I Do Not Want a Roommate…..”

Let’s be honest, I will be “29” again for the 6th time come January.  I am officially too old to have a roommate unless said person is paying half my bills.  The CIA Greystone provides on-campus housing for all its students, should they request it.  I felt strongly that I wanted to live in the dorms or at least very close to campus so I could get the maximum experience from my culinary program.

Some of my most fond memories of my undergraduate and graduate school experiences were those impromptu moments that happened in the hallway.  I am under no pre-conceived notions that I will be able to recreate those magical moments from undergrad, I would hate to miss the opportunity to have meaningful connections with my classmates cause I was off in some rented room trying to figure out how to mask the smell of cat urine from my landlord’s litter of kittens. 

So when I received my information packet, I excitedly requested on-campus housing.  I got my wish;  on-campus housing — in a double with a very nice woman in the last quarter of her culinary degree.  I was assured that the roommate was a wonderful woman, who has funny, smart and could act as a mentor as I began my own culinary academic journey.  Great.  Wonderful.  Love the idea.  However, I am a dude.  I have a penis.  I pee standing up. 

As an aside, my name has always been a source of issue for me.  “Courtney” on any other continent except North America is a guy’s name.  But as we always do in the States, we co-opted it and made it our own.  So I know the pain of my fellow brethren with “girl’s names” ; Kim, Leslie, Sasha, Carrol and Stacey — you are my peeps!  Word Up!

In any case, when I got the letter, I wasnt sure if I was  more upset over the fact that I was placed in a double or if they thought I was a girl.  So I gave the school a call and left a voicemail politely explaining that I was excited to start in August and was excited to meet my classmates.  However, as a person with an X and a Y chromosome, I think I might be better suited with a male roommate…matter of fact, why don’t we just cut out the middle man and give me a single room.

Two days later, a very embarrassed administrator called and profusely apologized.  While she could not promise me a single, she stated, she would work her best to find me one after this incident.  I thanked her and casually, I added in that it definitely would have been awkward showing up on campus with my BOYFRIEND in tow as we lugged boxes to my dorm room.  I think she got the hint and said she would see what she could do.

Yesterday, I got word I am in a SINGLE.  Praise the BABY JESUS!  So now that I have a room of my own, how do you think I should decorate it?


4 thoughts on “Single Dorm Room aka “I Do Not Want a Roommate…..”

  1. LOVE this, cannot wait to hear about your adventures as you’re essentially living out one of my greatest life’s dreams!

  2. Sweetie-

    Try the reverse… although you’d probably like that 😉 I ended up on the “boy’s list” too many times during summer camps, etc…. even in our hood!

  3. I think you’ll be surprised by how many people you bond with. I’m 36 and I made a lot of friends at UC Davis who were undergrads – 21-22 years old. You’re going to have a great time.

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