I am in the process of putting finishing touches on our living room as well as redecorating our guest  and music rooms.  While all the rooms had all the major pieces already, each was missing little “connectors” and accessories that bring a room together.  Small things like throw pillows really are items to unify a space through texture and color.

Each of the rooms needed throw pillows but none of the pillows I found in stores were the right color, shape or texture.  So I went to my favorite fabric stores, Stonemountain & Daughter  and Discount Fabrics to source fabrics.  I found some beautiful fabrics for fairly inexpensively ($9.99 and under!) and turned to my sewing guru friend Nancy Flynn for help.

Nancy is an accomplished crafter who has taught classes at the Maker Faire and wrote a sewing book for children entitled Jeaneology: Crafty Ways to Reinvent Your Old Blues.    She is also the wife of one of my college rooomates and a fantastic Mom to two adorable baby girls.  I recommend visiting her blog Bellee Epoque  for inspiration and cute stories involving her adventures as a stay-at-home-mom.   In all of her craziness, she agreed to help me sew throw pillows for my redecorating projects.  Below is a sneak peek of the pillows to come:

Bolster Pillow

It took Nancy 15 minutes to whip this bad boy up!

And this is how it looks in the chair in the living room:

Looks pretty snazzy huh?

Can’t wait to share the rest of Nancy’s work with you and do the room reveals!

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