Thinking Out Loud: Prostate Exams

“Courtney, please remove your clothing and your undergarments.  When you are finished, please kneel on the exam table so I can examine your prostate.”

And with that, my doctor put on a pair of latex gloves, applied a liberal amount of lubrication and proceeded to spend several long minutes (it seemed like hours) examining my prostate. 

Latex Gloves

"Breathe deeply and relax." Easy for him to say......

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Since I had nothing else to do, I began to ponder why exactly the Culinary Institute needs me to have a full medical review that includes a prostate exam?  While I am still a novice in many things culinary, I have yet to cook with anything below my waist.  Honestly, is culinary school worth having a man who clearly took lessons in beside manner from the Marque de Sade probe me as I lay naked staring at an inspirational poster of a kitten hanging from a tree stating “Hang In There”.  In many ways, the poster’s saying was quite appropriate for the feelings I was having ; I felt raw, naked (literally) and wanted to run away….but I hung in there.

Well until they asked for a urine sample, but that is a post for another day.  I say this, cause did you know there was a five step protocol for peeing into a dixie cup?  Really?  FIVE!

CIA, you better be something awesome if I am going through this……


7 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Prostate Exams

      • any or all… he writes one about his time at CIA, also the restaurant biz, also the “master’s” exam at CIA where chefs can earn some super-certificate by going through this grueling program (most don’t make it or pass). he’s buddies w/ anthony bourdain and has written cookbooks for Keller.

  1. No prostate exam here, but I had to have a physical (Look left and *cough*!) and drug test for my winery internship. Good times.

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