Loving Out Loud: Ensler Lighting

I think it’s important to support small and local businesses but more importantly share when you have had exceptional service as word of mouth of the lifeblood of many small businesses. So I am excited to introduce a new feature to my blog called “Loving Out Loud” where I highlight local businesses, artisans, and items in general that I love.

For my first edition of Loving Out Loud, I wanted to introduce readers to Ensler Lighting, a great resource for the DIYer or crafter who may have a lamp or lighting project.  I discovered Ensler Lighting as I was working on my “Jonathan Adler Lite” project.  The owner, George, truly loves his job as evidenced by his intent on ensuring that I found the perfect shade to fit little “Jon” (I named my lamp….don’t you?).  George spent 30 minutes, going through his stock, trying multiple shades on my lamp, explaining why he was chosing certain styles and shapes.  When the shade we selected didn’t quite fit, George, swapped out the harp on the lamp to make sure I got the exact look I wanted.

While Ensler Lighting’s shades are not the cheapest, George has a lifetime guareentee on his products and insisted if I got home and the shade didn’t look right in the room, simply bring it back and he would find a new shade for me.    To me that screams of customer service and a merchant who is willing to stand by his product, both of which I am willing to pay a little more for.

Ensler Lighting also does lamp repair, wiring and custom orders in addition to carrying a wide array of lamps and lamp shades.  Additionally, for a limited time, George is offering all customers an additinal 10% off plus  he is paying sales tax for you.

Ensler Lighting

1793 Solano Avenue

Berkeley, CA 94707



“The measured tree overflows”

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